/Efficiency and availability

High availability and
split second decisions
with excellent accuracy

/High tech

We use machine learning
and user behavior
to create custom risk models

/Amazing dashboard

Our user-friendly
dashboard makes
it easy for your team

/Hands-on vendor

We go beyond the basics,
being a very hands-on
operational partner

Customers that rely on our

Konduto Performance product:

Is Konduto Performance for you?

/Payments providers

We are hands down the best
partner for PSP, acquirers
and gateways

/Real-time decision

Business models that need an
immediate response and cannot
send orders for manual review

/High volume retailer

Have your own
manual review team?
We got you!

Main features


User behavior

A hacker reveals how he/she works by the way them browse. For this reason we track the user behavior since the moment he/she access your website.

Intuitive and practical Portal

The risk team and the manual review team can use our platform to analyze orders practical

Multi store units Portal

Using Multi stores unit Portal you can manage the risk operation to more than one store

Integrated bureaus

We are partners with important credit bureaus what allow you to consult necessary information in our Portal in one click

Rules management

Our algorithm creates automatic rules to improve the analysis quality. If you prefer, you can also set your rules manually.

Decision lists

With Konduto's system you are able to add or remove contacts temporarily or permanently


Konduto's analysis take in consideration the fingerprint: the device's identity which the buyer used to do a purchase

Trust in the best technology to fight fraud