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We combine the power of artificial intelligence with buying behavior
to create the ideal model of risk analysis.

We are the evolution of fraud prevention.

/Approve more

with less risk

/Stable system

with high


dedicated to the success
of your operation

Some of our clients

that have the best protection against fraud.

Our products

Plan Konduto

Made for e-commerce that need a total
range of risk analyses.

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Plan Konduto

Ideal for payments providers, large scale
operations or businesses that need
approvals in real time

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Plan Konduto
Safe Banking

Made for digital wallet, fintech and financial
institution that need to track transactions

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Konduto processes more than

175 million

orders per year

Even knowing this we would like you to take a look at what our clients say about Konduto:

Multiple integrations with

payments methods and e-commerce platforms

Check out what the press says about us:

Against online fraud, Konduto looks at human behavior

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For every 33 online purchases on Brazil, one is fraudulent

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How criminals manage to defraud online shopping cards?

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Every 5 seconds, internet criminals try to commit fraud; know how they behave

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São Paulo accounts for 40% of online shopping fraud attempts

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Trust in the best technology to fight fraud