/Get out of the obvious

Go beyond the obvious data
to analyze a purchase. The user
behavior enriches the
fraud analysis

/A thousand of varieties

Thanks to the user behavior,
Konduto is able to collect
more than 2 thousand information
about one specific order

/Less false-positive

When we analyze all user behavior
is possible to detect who is a
good customer and who is a hacker

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More funcionalities


User behavior

A hacker reveals how he/she works by the way them browse. For this reason we track the user behavior since the moment he/she access your website.

Intuitive and practical Portal

The risk team and the manual review team can use our platform to analyze orders practical

Multi store units Portal

Using Multi stores unit Portal you can manage the risk operation to more than one store

Integrated bureaus

We are partners with important credit bureaus what allow you to consult necessary information in our Portal in one click

Rules management

Our algorithm creates automatic rules to improve the analysis quality. If you prefer, you can also set your rules manually.

Priority order

Has an urgent order showed up and is it necessary to jump the queue? Don't worry! You can do it just by the click of a button


Haven't you agree with some decision made by Konduto about some order? Ask for a review straight-forward our Portal

Portal and reports

You can monitor all operation of your virtual store transparently and access reports through our Portal

Decision lists

With Konduto's system you are able to add or remove contacts temporarily or permanently


Konduto's analysis take in consideration the fingerprint: the device's identity which the buyer used to do a purchase

Manual review

Our team receive orders that are considered suspect by the system and make one last manual check to try to approve the purchase